Clothes Storage Ideas

Knowing different options for clothes storage makes organization in small spaces possible and functional. An organized small space is one that works for you and your lifestyle. Don’t settle for less just because you have a small bedroom or limited storage space.

Small bedroom organization can be challenging, whether it’s in a small apartment, an older home or a college dorm. Clothes storage doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you know tricks and hacks that will help you make the most of that small space.

Clothes Storage Ideas

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  • Folding vs. Hanging
  • Store in Creative Ways
  • Use a Clothes Rack
  • Store Out-of-Season Clothes Somewhere Else

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How To Declutter Shoes


Today’s mission is to declutter shoes. Actually, since this can be quite a task it is a mission that I’ve got on the Declutter 365 mission calendar for the next several days.

This mission is designed to be done while we work on the

Organize Shoes & Boots Challenge

here on the site, as part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge. Of course, you can do it whenever you want or need to in your home.

When working on these missions, for adult shoes, kids shoes, those by the entryway, and any additional shoes like boots and more that you’ve got in your home, make sure to always work 15 minutes at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

In addition though, get rid of the no brainer types of shoes to declutter first, and then focus on decluttering shoes from each set of categories for each person in your home, so you make sure to keep the shoes you will actually need but get rid of the excess.

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Tips On Getting Organized (And Staying That Way)

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Are you looking for tips on getting organized? If so, reading a couple tips right now may do you some good, but organizing your home takes time.Instead of trying to absorb all those tips and ideas at once, why not get free tips sent to your email inbox regularly that can help you learn how to get, and more importantly STAY organized, over time.

Hi! I’m Taylor, and this website I’ve created is designed to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together as it relates to your home, so you can find a place for everything in it that matters, and is important to you.

When you join over 160,000 subscribers and sign up for email updates from this site you’ll receive the following:

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How To Organize Computer Files On Your Home Computer

Here is how to organize computer files on your home computer in an easy to set up and use system that allows you to find the documents, photos and other files you wish to locate quickly and easily as needed.

Today’s Declutter 365 mission is to declutter computer files, and then organize the ones you’ve got left, on your home computer hard drive or in the document files you keep on the cloud.

As always, the first step in the process is to declutter, because there’s never any use in organizing something you no longer need.

You can declutter (or since this is digital, in this case that means delete) duplicate files, old draft versions of documents that have a superseding version of the document, or things you don’t want to read anymore, such as ebooks or PDFs you received but no longer find relevant or interesting.

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List Of Folders To Create

Here are tips for organizing email by using folders, plus a list of folders to create for your personal email inbox.This week, as part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, we’re focused on organizing email and other digital information in your home (You can click the link to read the overview of this week’s challenge).

Today, we’re focused on organizing your personal email, so that it isn’t just a mass of emails in your inbox that is overwhelming, but instead becomes a place where you can store and reference information as needed, just like you would in a home filing system.

The reason this is important is because, now with so many things becoming digital instead of on actual paper, you really have several filing systems in your home, whether or not you actually thought of them that way before or not.

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Tips to Create an Organized Filing System


Papers! They seem to multiply creating piles everywhere. If I’m being honest, papers are one of the hardest things for me to stay on top of. There is just so many of them and trying to find the time to sort through everything before they become a cluttered pile can be exhausting. However, having a properly organized filing system can make a huge difference.

This filing system is based off the same principles used in the Freedom Filer system. When I set this up, I read about the Freedom Filer system and liked the concepts just not the price. So I tweaked a few things and created a DIY system that works for me and my family.

If you want to set up your own simple filing system to keep you organized for the new year, just follow the steps below!

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10 Handy Ways to Organize Your Personal Papers- Overwhelmed by all the mail and documents you have to keep organized every day? De-clutter and de-stress your life with one of these 10 handy ways to organize your personal papers! home paperwork, organizing ideas, office organization, paper organizing ideas, decluttering tips #organizingTips #decluttering #ACultivatedNest

Paperwork! If you’re like most people, you probably feel overwhelmed at times with all the paper clutter you need to deal with and organize. Unless you’re getting e-bills only, then you’ve got monthly bills and account statements to sift through, on top of junk mail, medical records, insurance documents, warranties, receipts, manuals, your kids’ school papers, tax documents, and more! That’s a lot of paperwork to keep track of! And the bad thing is that you could be in big trouble if you wind up needing one of those documents and aren’t able to find it. Luckily, there are many different ways to get a handle on all the paper in your life! Check out these 10 Handy Ways to Organize Your Personal Papers!

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Many owners view filing systems as a necessary evil since by taking the time to set it up and maintain it doesn’t help make money for their business. So, they quickly file papers in groups that may or may not be appropriate just to get it out of the way and give them more time to do things that help them make money. But, then they get frustrated when they can’t find what they were looking for in the future. The reality is all businesses need to keep retrievable files and need to have systems in place to manage this paperwork no matter how large or small the business is.

Here are some suggestions for what to keep in your small business files. Review and set them up sooner than later. You will be happy that you did.

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Tips on How to Organize Your Dresser

Image result for how to organize drawers in the bedroom

Bye-bye, overflowing dresser drawers! Clutter doesn’t stand a chance when you follow our no-fail plan for clearing the chaos in this messy personal spot.

If you often find yourself battling a stuffed drawer overflowing with clothes, it may be time for a lesson in dresser organization. Follow our six step process for decluttering your drawers and reassessing your wardrobe. With a clear organization system, your drawers will look neat and stay that way. Plus, it’ll make picking out the perfect outfit easier than ever.

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room organization

With 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to finally get rid of your bedroom clutter and get organized. (Trust us, you’ll sleep better this way). We’ve gathered stylish and creative ideas you can pull off with what you already own — or make a few purchases for a fast fix.

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Are you the frustrated owner of a very messy or overstuffed dresser cluttering up your bedroom? Don’t worry, organizing all those drawers can be a quick and simple process with these ten easy tips to organize your dresser.

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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Organize your kitchen cabinets

The amount of items that home cooks need to store in their kitchen cabinets is mind boggling. The sheer number of different types of items makes cabinets harder to organize than any other space in your kitchen and that is why sticking to a simple organization strategy is key. Namely, group like items with like items.

See the basic process of organizing your kitchen cabinets, with in-depth resources to help you. Don’t try to tackle this project until you’re motivated to see it through. This is a fairly big undertaking (on the level of organizing the garage and your clothes closets), so it’s important to be motivated to keep going, no matter how much of a mess you may create halfway through.

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Looking for clever small kitchen ideas? Small space kitchen organization requires some creativity and forethought. Check out these brilliant ideas to find more space and create a small kitchen you love.

Trying out new kitchen organization ideas in small spaces be extra challenging.

Using every available space in your small kitchen will make your kitchen look cluttered, instead, you need to find a balance of keeping only what you need and use in your kitchen and decluttering or storing the rest.

The following organization ideas for small kitchens include extra storage ideas, space-saving ideas and some just plain genius kitchen ideas for small spaces.

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a pegboard hangs in the kitchen with cooking supplies like a cutting board and knives

Having an organized, clutter-free kitchen makes everything from cooking dinner to making coffee a thousand times easier. But what if your kitchen doesn’t have cabinets? Where are you supposed to put your plates, mugs, and snacks?

The answer: Wherever they can fit.

When there’s no obvious place to store dishes, food, and appliances, you have to think outside the cabinet. Here are 13 genius ways to arrange and organize a kitchen without cabinets:

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Tips on How to Organize a Laundry Room

Organize Laundry Room

The latest trend in new home construction is a multifunctional space that may act as a laundry room, mudroom, family organizational center, craft and gardening space, or even a home office. Even with all of those functions and plenty of space, there is still a need for an organized area purely for the function of handling and cleaning laundry.

So, whether your laundry room is a spacious showplace with tons of storage or simply a corner tucked away in the basement, it is important to keep the space organized. If your laundry area is overrun with clutter, laundry chores will be more difficult and take longer and no one wants that. These organizational tips will help you get the actual area used for laundry under control and with just a few minutes of effort every month or so, keep the space manageable.

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Is your laundry room a sad, dark place? Turn your laundry room into a sanctuary of cleanliness and organization with these tips.

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Laundry. We dread it and loath it and procrastinate doing it until, suddenly, we have a mountain of clothes and an empty closet. Stop delaying! Try these 10 hacks and take some pain out of laundry. You won’t believe how easy it is.

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Organizing Bathroom Drawers and Cupboards

Supplies, tips and ideas for organizing bathroom drawers and cupboards.

Practical ideas for organizing your bathroom drawers and cupboards and some of my favorite supplies for a beautifully functional bathroom! Video included.


organized bathroom

These genius ideas will help you make the most of your small (but mighty) space.

Turn your bathroom into a true zen zone with these stylish carts, storage cabinets, and shower hacks. With these bathroom organizing ideas, you’ll know exactly where to find all of your go-to cleaning products, toiletries, and linens, ultimately saving time and easing stress. A tidier (read: prettier) master bathroom may even inspire you to amp up your self-care routine. But before you unwind, keep your decluttering streak going with these organization tips for the rest of your home.

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bathroom organization ideas baskets

Spruce up your bathroom with these tips and tricks.

It’s time to declutter your bathroom once and for all. These smart organizing ideas will get your washroom tidy in no time. You might even get inspired to neaten up the rest of your house!

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Ways to Declutter Your House

This genius step-by-step guide is a must-read for everybody who embraces minimaist lifestyle. Practice these hacks to declutter your entire home in just a week. Embrace more free space and embrace more peace in life.. #clutter #declutter #simple #simplicity #minimalist #minimalism #home

This genius step-by-step guide is a must-read for everybody who embraces minimaist lifestyle. Practice these hacks to declutter your entire home in just a week. Embrace more free space and embrace more peace in life.

Declutter your home quickly in these 7 practical steps.

Let’s go!

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declutter your home

Clutter, or mess, is an annoying thing. Your home needs to be neat with only things around that you are able to manage. However if you surround yourself with every possible thing on earth, it literally becomes too much to handle. If such is the situation at your home, ‘declutter’ is what you need to seriously consider. Decluttering your home not only tidies up the place but makes life easy and organized as well. Decluttering provides more space, at the same time, gives you control and easy access to the things you need.

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Image result for declutter

The amount of clutter one can accumulate in their home is baffling. I know personally, right after the madness of the holiday season, I have to wade through all of the stuff in my house.

While it may just be a little clutter at the moment, trust me where there is a small amount, there will inevitably be way more! Well, I’m here to tell you today that you no longer have to live in a cluttered home. Follow these nine useful tips I’ve used to declutter your home quickly.



How to Organize Your Personal Files

Image result for files

What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you want to travel to Paris, hit a hole-in-one, or simply spend more time with family.

Each of us has a unique list of things we want to accomplish in life, but one activity that should be on everyone’s to-do list is getting affairs in order. This includes gathering and organizing personal information, financial records, and legal documents.

After a death occurs, loved ones are often tasked with many responsibilities. By compiling, sorting, and organizing these important papers, you can relieve your loved ones of this work.

Continue reading to learn the most important personal information you need to gather and how to organize it.

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This article on important planning documents is provided by Everplans — The web’s leading resource for planning and organizing your life. Create, store and share important documents that your loved ones might need.

Your personal information will be essential for your family to wrap up your personal affairs.

By organizing your personal information, you can help your family more easily:

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Learning how to organize personal information, is very important and should be one of your categories when you set up your paperwork system. On the page which discusses your home filling system, I talk you through picking a consistent system, which will work for your needs and the way you think. However, when you organize your personal information there tends to be a mix of paper based and electronic files, not to mention all those codes and numbers which belong to each individual person nowadays. This page looks at all of those tricky bits of information and aims, to give you a host of ideas which will help you to organize personal information in your household.

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The Best Ways to Organize Coupons

coupon binder

Using coupons is great, but you need to make sure they are organized. That way, you can find the coupon when you need it. The most popular way to do this is by using a coupon binder. But, that is not the only method of organizing your coupons.

There is nothing worse than getting home to see that you forgot to use that coupon! UGH! When you organize your coupons, it does not mean they are alphabetized. Instead, it just means they have order so that you can find them when you need them.

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Step by step instructions for how to #organize #coupons, as well as tips for other ways to save money by organizing items like loyalty and gift cards, stockpiles and more {part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge on Home Storage Solutions 101} #OrganizedHome

Although I am going to give some practical guidance in the ins and outs of coupon organization below, honestly there are many ways to organize these little slips of paper. In fact, not only are there lots of methods but there are some die-hard advocates of each method who swear it’s the best and only workable system.

The truth is that many organizational system will work, but which method will work best for you really depends on your goals for couponing, and your personality.

Therefore, this challenge also helps you think about these issues, so you can choose a manageable system for organizing and maintaining coupons that you can stick with. After all, what good are coupons if you can’t find them and use them before they expire?

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The number one reason why some people fail at couponing is because they fail to plan. If you have a strategy behind your money-saving goals, couponing will quickly become a way to destress yourself — especially financially. Here are five easy steps to help you set up your coupon binder and keep it organized.

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