New Year, New You! Start with a Closet Cleanse

Are you a little obsessed with organizing? We are too. So we thought we’d channel our obsession into something helpful: a list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Pick and choose from the ideas below…

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It’s that time of year again. Your closet is getting cluttered, and you’re running out of space to fit all of your clothes.

Closets can be the bane of your existence. Steal some ideas from those pictured here.

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When was the last time you cleaned, edited, and organized your closet? What’s that you say? You can’t remember? Well, it’s high time you gave your wardrobe a makeover. January is an excellent time to clean out your closet, because there’s not a lot going on. Plus, if you’re detoxing, you can spend your Friday night sorting through your scarf collection. It may seem intimidating at first, but trust me, a tidy closet can do wonders for your well-being. You’ll be able to get dressed more quickly, and you’ll feel invigorated by your organized and accessible collection of clothing.

To inspire you to tackle that crowded mess known as your closet, I tracked down the tricks that the pros—stylists who organize and edit clients’ closets for a living—use.

Here are 11 must-know tips for the most pristine and perfect closet around: 11 Must-Know Closet Organization Tricks the Pros Use via My Domaine


Organizing Living Room

Living-Room-Organization-small-living-room-organization Or42Gg

Keep the clutter at bay with ‘speed bumps,’ hidden storage and a little-stuff drawer

It’s where you hang out, flop down, decompress. It’s also probably where you read, play, craft, watch movies and entertain. With so much going on, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to keep the living room looking (and feeling) neat. And other than leading an ultraminimalist life, what can be done? Here are 10 tips to ease the burden on this hardworking room, so you can have a neat (enough) living space.

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Make your living room more organized by following these easy tips.

In this multi-purpose room, papers, remote controls, collectibles and more can quickly pile up, causing the space to feel chaotic and cluttered. Minimize messiness and maximize your enjoyment of this room with these simple tips.

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DP Jennifer-Jones-modern-white-living-room s3x4 WklPpE

These simple tips for organizing your main gathering space will put the family back in your family room.

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Ways to Clear Clutter

Here at OrganizedHome.Com, we hear the cry every week: “Help! I’m drowning in clutter and don’t know where to begin!”

Whether it’s due to poor habits, a packrat spouse, or an advanced case of affluenza, too many home managers struggle under the burden of household clutter.

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It starts piling up during the chilly winter months, builds through March, and by the time spring-cleaning season rolls around, it’s everywhere. Yep, it’s clutter! And chances are, it’s driving you crazy right about now. Luckily, we’ve got the secret to getting it under control in seven essential, game-changing steps. Each one addresses a notoriously difficult tidying issue and fixes it fast, so you can focus on more important things—like updating your Facebook status to “totally organized!”

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De-clutter your home with our time- (and sanity-) saving home organization tricks.

Getting organized can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. Turn messy areas into tidy, stylish spaces with this list of 25 tips that are guaranteed to help clear clutter and keep it away.

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Organizing Hacks

De-clutter your home with our time- (and sanity-) saving home organization tricks. With our speedy cleaning tips, you’ll get to spend more time enjoying your beautiful home than tidying it up.

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Paperwork has a way of piling up, getting lost, or slipping through the cracks, if you don’t have a solid storage plan. We’ve rounded up the best way to keep your bills paid on time, your documents safe, and everything else neatly sorted.

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Who else is so ready for a blank slate? It’s a new year, which means it’s time to say goodbye to any chaotic or messy spaces and take on some killer organizing habits – ones that will leave you with a spotless, gleaming home. Looking for some ideas to get you started? Here are some brilliant organizing hacks you just might want to save!

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Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

This week we’re going to jump to a room that can be completely organized in a few hours: the bathroom. This project will satisfy those who like to jump from room to room as well those who like to finish one room all at once.

You deserve the dreamy serenity of cleared countertops, neatly arranged drawers and streamlined bathroom storage

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Get It Done: Organize the Bathroom for Well-Earned Bliss via Houzz 

Use these seven tips for bathroom organization to make the most of your bathroom, regardless of its size.

Check this Quick Tips for Organizing Bathrooms via HGTV

Storage is always at a premium in a small space, but nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom. There are so many little odds and ends — makeup, razors, hairbrushes, toilet paper — that you just have to have, but where in the world do you put all that stuff?

If the clutter in your bathroom is getting a little out of control, it might be time to check out these 10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom via Apartment Therapy.




Tips for Keeping an Organized Kitchen

The kitchen is an area of your home that gets used more often than most other areas. So it stands to reason that if your kitchen were more organized and simple to use, your life would feel easier. Professional organizer Monica Ricci has 10 easy steps to organize your kitchen, and make your family life flow more smoothly when it comes to meal preparation.

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 A well-organized kitchen will help you cook as efficiently as possible and waste less food. Here are our top 10 tips for organizing the heart of your home.

Decluttering is the first step to organizing any room, and kitchens tend to have more unique kinds of clutter than other rooms:

Check the kitchen tips here by Melanie Pinola via Life Hacker: Top 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

 Do your dishes and cups come tumbling out when you open your kitchen cabinets? If it’s time to reorganize, you’ve come to the right place. The best way to figure out how to organize your kitchen is to think about how you use it. What items do you find yourself using every day, and which ones get shoved to the back of the cabinets? Toss out items you can do without and focus on making your cabinets functional, clean and attractive. Once you’ve organized your cabinets, you’ll look forward to cooking in your kitchen again.

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Ways to an Orderly Kitchen

What makes a kitchen great is not so much about the space as about how you organize it.

As these photos show, what makes a kitchen great is how you organize it.

Check out these photos to get some woderful ideas for your kitchen via Real Simple:
24 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen


They don’t have a third arm, a time machine, or a clone. Just these smart (easy) tricks.

We all strive to be “that” mom. You know, the type of mom who might don a superhero costume because that’s how together she is. Well here’s the good news: You don’t need a cape or magic powers to get more organized. Take cues from the smart moms we polled to help you stay on top of things. Their moves are simple — but genius.

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When it comes to kitchen organization, don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your kitchen back on track and clutter free.

When you don’t have much space to organize, make every inch work extra hard.

View full gallery here via DIY Network: 14 Easy Ways to Organize Small Stuff in the Kitchen


Organize Your Work Life

One of the great time management tips is to work from a clean desk, and in an organized workspace.

Just as an excellent chef cleans up the entire kitchen before and after cooking, you should organize your workspace completely before you begin your work.

Here are some great tips: [Infographic] 5 Office Organizing Tips That Will Take You From Cluttered To Productive via Brian Tracy

Productivity is all about efficiency — doing more, faster and with less. And with increasing demands from today’s anytime, anywhere workplace, it is has never been more important. To get the most out of your day, you need to focus on these three segments of your life:

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The simple key to dealing with stress in the workplace is to stay organized. Whether you’re working on multiple tasks at once, or answering to more than one supervisor, it’s important for you to remain calm and chalk out a plan that works in your favour.

Check here the tips and tricks on how they stay organized:

10 SIMPLE WAYS TO GET ORGANIZED AT WORK By Louise Andre via Canadian Living



Storage and Organization Ideas

There are a lot of various ways to take care of the organization and storage in your office but depending on where it is and what kind of work you are doing there, there could be some limitations so the best thing would be to use DIY ideas that you can make at home from cheap or even free supplies and bring to your office.

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De-clutter and get organized to boost your efficiency in your home or at work. These awesome DIY ideas are incredibly cost-efficient as well. Most of the ideas take less time than you think to get yourself organized and into a clutter-free space.

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Organizing your office can be very challenging, especially when you are a busy professional with a very tight schedule. However, you can now make sure that all the papers, documents, paper clips, markers and all the other goodies are in the right place, with the following office organization ideas that will help you run your work environment like a true CEO!

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DIY Organizing Ideas

One household problem that has plagued me constantly for a long time is finding a way to effectively organize electronics cables. These days everything we own seems to have its own charger: phones, cameras, e-readers, game consoles, computers, tablets, etc, etc. Pretty soon we’re drowning in cords and cables, and since they’re constantly in use, they’re constantly in the way.

Here are some wonderful ideas to help you wrangle the mess.

Check out these amazing tips and tricks here: DIY: How to Organize Your Cords and Cables


Organizing tips? Yes, please!!

Check out these amazing tips and tricks for organizing your entire home.

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Are you a little obsessed with organizing? We are too. So we thought we’d channel our obsession into something helpful: a list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Pick and choose from the ideas below…

Check out the full blog here:
20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet