Tips for an Organized and Happy Home

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If you lead a busy lifestyle, you know the drill. You start off the week with a mostly clean and tidy house (depending on how many chores you achieved over the weekend). By midweek, though, you realize that you haven’t put away your dry-cleaning and haven’t folded your laundry. There’s a growing stack of mail in the hallway, a used gym bag by the door, a pile of fresh laundry on the bed, dirty dishes in the sink (and clean ones in the dishwasher that didn’t just finish its cycle). To top it off, your vanity looks as if a bomb went off in the beauty aisle at Saks. By Friday, the house is a full-blown disaster zone—that is, until you rest from your week, and tackle the massive (and much-needed) tidying up job. Then, the cycle starts all over again. Do yourself a favor, and adopt these clever daily cleaning tricks so you never have to spend precious weekend hours tidying up. We promise it’s quicker than you think!

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Struggle to get your house in order? This step-by-step guide will make cleaning feel like second nature

If you have been struggling to get your house in order, you may know you’re not very good at cleaning and organisation. It doesn’t matter if you struggle because you have ADHD or you come from a long line of hoarders. It is what it is. The why isn’t as important as what you can do about it now. Following are a few suggestions to help you build the muscle you need.

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No one likes a cluttered house, and a cluttered house is hard to keep clean.

Organizing your home can be a daunting endeavor. Aside from the obvious of getting rid of excess stuff, there are few things you can do daily that will make your house look and feel less cluttered and more organized.

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Handy Tips for the Most Organized Living Room

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There are two kinds of living rooms: those that are lived in and those that aren’t. The first (a space that multitasks) needs an organizing plan. The second (set aside for special occasions), a purpose. Here are solutions for both, plus a rundown of how to organize and store five items common to many living rooms.

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You can make your living room attractive and inviting by reducing clutter and organizing everything in it. It is actually easy to keep your living room organized. It only takes one’s discipline and creativity in order to do that. Home organization is vital to make sure that your home can give you the comfort that you expect from it. To help you organize your living room, here are some tips to de-clutter your living room.

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These simple tips for organizing your main gathering space will put the family back in your family room.

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Cut Clutter in the Kitchen

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A well-organized kitchen will help you cook as efficiently as possible and waste less food. Here are our top 10 tips for organizing the heart of your home.

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And while your ways in the kitchen might not feel scientific—a handful of cornmeal here, a toss of cheese rinds into something bubbling—the way you clean, organize, and care for this space probably should be. It’s not just about preventing germs and mold (though your wallet and dinner menu will both thank you if you do that), it’s also about running a tight, orderly ship so that you can find things, cleaned and accessible, right when you need them.

Here’s how to keep your kitchen in tip-top condition: get rid of excess stuff, learn how to store everything, clean your tools the right way, and make it last.

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For many families, entertaining and eating is done right in the kitchen, which means that not only do you want a clean kitchen for cooking, but you’ll also want space for having company over. For those that have small kitchens, having the space necessary means making use of every nook and cranny. Of course you could remodel your kitchen, but that wouldn’t be very Lifehack-like.

These simple kitchen hacks will help you maximize your storage space, allowing you to keep your kitchen organized.

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The Art of Filing

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When you develop a system to manage paper influx, it’s easy to stay in control. See how to organize files and important documents, plus learn the good habits that will help you tame the paper tiger, permanently.

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One of the simplest and most overlooked aspects of being organized is getting your computer files organized. It’s something that’s easy to take for granted, especially when you forget that most people don’t use their computers like us crazy systems-people do. Let’s look at some good practices for keeping your files and documents neat, in folders and easy searchable and accessible.

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Coming up with a system of organization all the paper in your life takes thought and planning. And making use of it requires time and effort. In the short run, letting papers pile up is a lot easier. But in the long run, doing so can turn into a major headache.

Taking the time and effort to develop a systematic way of organizing your papers can result in a lot less stress and hassle in your life. Try the following as you create your filing system:

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Ideas to Help Declutter Your Living Room

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Have you ever felt that a room was just “off” somehow, but you just couldn’t place what it was? Living rooms are arguably the most used spaces in the home, and need a good layout that promotes good traffic flow. Furniture spacing and placement is key to comfort and function! Keep these tips in mind when you are moving in or get a sudden urge to rearrange one weekend.

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From family game nights to book club gatherings, the living room is a social hub. The proper placement of the room’s furniture goes a long way toward making the space feel welcoming. Nothing is worse than a living room — no matter how attractive — where people have to perch against the walls, as if stuck there by magnetic force. Rather, push seating together so everyone can sit close and converse comfortably.

Get tips for arranging living room furniture in a way that creates a comfortable and welcoming environment and makes the most of your space.

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From rearranging furniture to rethinking multipurpose pieces, here are a few things you can do in a day.

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Kitchen Organizing Tips

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An organizing expert offers expertise for kitchen organization and storage solutions.

The kitchen is an area of your home that gets used more often than most other areas. So it stands to reason that if your kitchen were more organized and simple to use, your life would feel easier. Professional organizer Monica Ricci has 10 easy steps to organize your kitchen, and make your family life flow more smoothly when it comes to meal preparation.

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Bring the chaos in your kitchen to order with these smart and affordable ways to organize your kitchen cabinets. Find a place for everything and enjoy your kitchen again.

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When it comes to kitchen organization, don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get your kitchen back on track and clutter free.

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How to Organize Your Bedroom

Your day begins and ends in the bedroom, so keeping it organized will also keep you sane, which is why it’s the second room we’re tackling in our Home Hacks Series. Overflowing drawers, floors in disarray, and a cluttered bed will leave you feeling frazzled. But whether you’re working with a spacious room or a little nook, you can maximize your surroundings — and beautify them — with common sense and some clever storage tricks. It’s time to make over your messy space to ensure that you always rest easy with these 19 tips on how to organize your bedroom.

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Are you a little obsessed with organizing? We are too. So we thought we’d channel our obsession into something helpful: a list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Pick and choose from the ideas below…

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Learning how to organize your room without sacrificing convenience can be a daunting prospect. How do you create a homely area that is both efficiently structured and uniquely personal? This can be a difficult balance to strike, but with a bit of thought and creativity, you can create a room that is both clean and casual. Here are ten simple tips on how to organize your room while adding eye-catching style.

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Tips to Stay Organized at Home

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Life can be so hectic these days, so hectic that everything feels messy and it’s like everything’s happening all at once. But that’s just not the case.

It’s time we all admit that we need help in organizing our lives. It’s going to be a chore to do all this, but staying organized makes life easier in the long run. Just think about how easy it’ll be to find stuff you need and avoid last minute hassles.

Here are 20 tips that’ll show you how to organize your life at home, work and everything in between.

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Home organization is not easy, especially when you work outside of your home. Mounds of dirty laundry, hungry kids, school homework and dinner yet to be made do not make for a happy return to homely warmth after a tiring day in the office. So what do you do to streamline your daily routine and practically every aspect of your life?

All women can be termed ‘working’ once they start a family. There are people who look up to you and expect you to deliver, even if it is your 3-year-old who wants his mom to build the best Lego castle, after what seems like millions you have already built.
The work becomes all the more demanding when you have a full-time job that consumes 40 precious hours every week.

Every working mother faces her own set of unique challenges and circumstances. You will have to work out a plan that suits you best, and helps you manage your family and career better.

Let’s look at how you can go about taming the dragon of time management in your own unique way with these tips for how to get organized at home.

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The idea of living a minimalist, uncluttered life is one that many of us aspire to. We are willing to de-clutter our rooms, own fewer possessions, and simplify our lives so that we can have less to clean, less to organize, less to worry about, and more money to spend on the things that matter.

However, many of us feel like we don’t have the energy to de-clutter and often get stuck at where and how to begin. While it’s always tough to get rid of the “good” old stuff lying around our homes, it is possible to de-clutter your room with less pain than you might think.

Here are ten smart strategies to help you efficiently de-clutter your room, drawn from various experts.

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Organize Your Work Life

Maintaining a level of organization in today’s workplace is no easy task. Many of us endure a flood of emails and the expectation of continual multi-tasking. It is tempting to sacrifice organization when managing a heavy workload. However, organizational skills can provide tremendous assistance in effectively managing your time, taming the email beast and maintaining your sanity in a high pressure work environment. Here are a few tips to help the modern business professional become and stay organized.

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Productivity is all about efficiency — doing more, faster and with less.  And with increasing demands from today’s anytime, anywhere workplace, it is has never been more important. To get the most out of your day, you need to focus on these three segments of your life:

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No one wants to be considered the office airhead. But losing just one important phone number (“I can’t believe I spilled coffee on that sticky note!”) or forgetting one vital meeting (“Where is my darn calendar, anyway?”) because you’re disorganized may make you look like one. These five organizing tips can help you become known for your brilliant ideas rather than your scattered brain.

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Not your ordinary storage and office supplies…..

Ok, so I get positively weak in the knees when I see stylish storage and office supplies. It may be a sickness, but I’m willing to admit that there is something about a useful and eye-catching product that makes me swoon! So, I thought I would share some with you, so you could revel in them as well! : What’s not to love about a company that sells stylish products for the woman on the go. Out with the black and brown leather man-ish products and in with the colorful and fresh! : Sometimes you just want a product that is straightforward and simple! Just make it useful, make it easy and make it cute! If you’re moving, getting a handle on your life, tracking your valuables or just trying to get some stuff done – this may be a good product for you! : So, have you ever walked out to your car and had to climb in the sunroof, because the car next to you had blatant disregard for the parking lines? How about giving them a parking ticket? Or, you’re out at the park and there is no soap anywhere around, but you have got to wash your hands? Try Paper Soap! Or you love french press coffee? Try a press for one! You can find all the

russell+hazel : Stylish and functional, what’s not to love? Their “Audrey” line is breathtaking and worthy of the red carpet!

OFFICE : Located in Portland, Oregon, this quirky and style-conscious “office supply” store has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens! The owners are fun and the brick and mortar location has a fabulous vintage feel. Their website is well stocked and full of innovative products. Go check it out!

What’s YOUR favorite office supply or storage resource?

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Fix your command center.

via 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Workspace Happy, Productive and Organizedse things, and some other outlandishly brash and entertaining products here. Ok, and they have some organizing stuff too…..