Cleaning a Kitchen – How to Organize a Kitchen

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That leads us to the last and most important point: Have a place for everything and everything in its place. Julia Child’s kitchen had a place for everything, with pots and pans hung on pegboards with their outlines drawn around them so she could put everything back in its place. Items you use most often should be easiest to reach, while you can put items you hardly use (e.g., turkey carving tools) higher up in the cabinets. Group your items next to the tools you use most with them (e.g., can opener by the cupboard you store cans in, baking ingredients with the baking pans). These and a couple of other simple suggestions will help you organize your kitchen like a programmer. And here’s our geek’s guide to rebooting your kitchen.

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Often the biggest problem with standard kitchen cabinets in the home is the inefficient use of space. Shelves that have been installed by the builder are often spaced too far apart, leaving wasted space between stored goods and other shelves. Here are some helpful hints to assist in tackling this wasted space and make cabinets 100 percent more efficient.

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Organizing a small kitchen can be a bit of a challenge. I was constantly pinning posts about organizing kitchens, but they seemed to have oodles of drawer and cabinet space to organize every pan, plate, and spice jar. I have a grand total of 4 drawers and a limited number of cabinets to work with, and I really wanted to make the most of them. I’ve moved things around quite a few times trying to find the perfect configuration for our new kitchen, and since we’ve been living with our current setup for a little while now and it seems to be working well, I thought I’d share the tips and strategies that have helped me create our organized kitchen.

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