Creative Ideas for Organizing Your House

For many people their homes are an open invitation to clutter and disorganization simply because it’s easy to do, and many times it is sheer laziness that results in this very presence. Let’s face it, many people are either over tired at the end of a day or perhaps just plain lazy throughout the day and choose to leave clothes, papers, and abundant other items in disarray and in piles here, there, and everywhere rather than just take a moment to put them away. If you think about it, leaving a handful of items in disarray each day of every week without taking time to put them away most certainly will lead to an abundance of clutter and disorganization throughout your home.

how to oganize your house

Practical Techniques on How to Organize Your House

Every room in the house is a challenge in itself. Statistics have proven that the kitchen and bedrooms typically prove to be the most cluttered and unorganized rooms in the house. In order to bring some semblance of organization to your house you must begin by taking an inventory of each room, walking through each room and recognizing that which is out of place and contributing to the mess at hand and gathering all the articles of clothing that are just thrown everywhere. Sort through those that are dirty and toss them in the laundry, and those that just need to be folded and put away or hung into a closet. Sift through all the clothing in the house and separate all the seasonal items that can be packed away until next year into quaint cardboard storage boxes that fit nicely under the bed, completely out of sight. Assemble all the shoes in all the closets into sturdy plastic hanging storage bags. These bags offer compartments for you to separate all the footwear neatly then hang the storage bag in the rear of the closet. Clean out the tops of all your closets of excess items that have no value, tossing them out, and then neatly stacking those items you wish to keep atop the closet. Clear off dressers of excessive items that you have simply dropped there in haste and put all these items into their proper places discarding anything you do not need.

For all the newspapers and magazines you have accumulated in the living area, sort them all neatly and tuck them into an inexpensive wicker basket that can serve as a magazine rack and place it adjacent to the large sofa in the living room. Walk through your individual rooms and determine if there are any unnecessary pieces of furniture or decorative items that would serve a better purpose in a Good Will. This will open up additional space in your rooms and alleviate clutter from table and counter tops.

In the kitchen area, where everyone tends to pile up papers on the countertop, take a few moments to sort through the enormous pile of papers. Throw out those not needed, and simply collect the papers needed, sorting them by document type and placing them into individual file folders. Mark this folders with proper markings and place them in a designated drawer or file to remove them from sight. Filing them in a designated area keeps them available for future use.

Inventorying your home and actually removing items that just have no real purpose, storing them away in boxes stacked in a secluded basement area, and bringing the rest to a Good Will store will open up so much breathing space in your home and take away the bulk of the clutter. Next you can rearrange furniture in each room to give an overall new look.

Clutter and disorganization usually occur over a long period of time and will eventually bring on stress and feelings of discomfort and even failure at times. By following these very practical steps above on how to organize your house, you will not only alleviate the clutter and embarrassment caused when guests come to your home, but will allow you to live a healthier life since you have removed the stress from all the unsightly clutter. When all these tips have been accomplished you will vividly witness your actual accomplishments and on your next walk through the home you will enjoy viewing all the space, all the organization, all the neatness, and the highly visible, attractive and very organized presence to the place you are now proud to call home!