Declutter Top Of Dresser

How To Declutter Your Dresser Top

How to get a text each morning telling you what to declutter that day, from Home Storage Solutions 101

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Today’s decluttering mission is to declutter the top of your dresser.

We’ll do inside the dresser drawers as a separate mission another day (you can

click here to read that mission now, about decluttering clothes from these drawers


Today though, just clear off the top of your dresser so stuff that shouldn’t be there is gone.

It’s a flat surface and for many people that means it’s a magnet for items that you’ll “just put down for a minute,” and then hours, days, gasp . . . months later those things are still there!

So, today’s the day to see the top of this surface again. It would be a good time to dust as well if it’s been a while. Ready, set, go!

You can get more information on how to declutter flat surfaces and then keep them that way here.

Declutter flat surface in your home

Bonus points if you tell me what types of items seem to accumulate on top of your dresser.

Plus, I’d love to hear what you think should stay there most of the time. After all you don’t have to have the top completely cleared off.

You might like to have something decorative, for example, but I tend to think it’s more calming to have some clear surfaces, especially in your bedroom, so if you feel the same really get ruthless with clearing the area.

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Top photo courtesy of Tex

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What Kinds Of Things Do You Keep On Top Of Your Dresser?

The photo above is from a reader, Jessica. She explained, about the top of this piece of furniture, “My issue is this. Lol, don’t judge me. Lotions, meds I take every morning, perfumes, body sprays, etc.”

That sentiment was echoed by many readers who’ve taken on this challenge.

Examples Of Common Types Of Clutter On Many People’s Dressers

Here are some common types of items that seem to end up on this flat surface. The trend is that often the dresser becomes a catch all when you don’t have a real home for certain things as you undress, or walk into the room with the item in your hands:

The thing to remember, though, is that a mostly clear and clutter free surface is really so much more calming and relaxing, and ultimately that is one of the purposes of your bedroom. To be a place for you to rest and relax.

So as you remove items from this surface take some time and think about where its home is. If you don’t have a convenient place for it, perhaps make one.

So, for example, if you always have change in your pocket each night that lands on the dresser, perhaps put a little bank on your dresser that you use to collect your change and then treat yourself or the family to something when it gets full.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or hard to be effective!

Potential Items You Might Want To Keep On Your Dresser Even After Decluttering

Of course, like I said, you don’t have to keep the flat surface completely clear. Many people find this to be too sterile.

Here are ideas of what could be appropriate to keep there. It all depends on how much you want there, and how much room you’ve got. Only you know what will work best for yourself.

    • Small jewelry box, or holder for other accessories

    • Framed picture of family or friends

    • Decorative knick knacks (within reason) such as a candle, artwork, lamps, etc.

  • Alarm clock, remote controls, or other items just like you might find on a nightstand, if your dresser does double duty for this function as well

Whatever you keep on your dresser top, make sure that you regularly remove items that don’t belong, and that should be put away, to keep the space clutter free.

You can do this tidying up as part of a daily routine. Find out more about how and why to adopt a daily tidy up routine here.

How and why to adopt a daily tidy up routine

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You Can Do This Mission! Just Look At These Great Results For Inspiration





Before After

The pictures above are from a reader, Amanda, who took on this mission and produced some great results quickly.

She said, though, of the after picture, “Now I just have to deal with the junk.”

Yeah, unfortunately you do, otherwise you’ve just shuffled your clutter around. Like I said though, take a few minutes and try to make homes for the obvious items that seem to take up residence over and over again on your dresser top, and keeping it clear from now on will be much easier.

Amanda's before and after of her declutter dresser top mission {on Home Storage Solutions 101}