DIY Room Organizing Tips to Make Your Room Loom – No Money Required

People usually don’t get it but organizing a room or your entire home doesn’t always need money. There are tons of room organization ideas that you can wind up without shedding some extra bucks from your budget. All you need is creativity, patience, passion, resourcefulness,  and some cool materials you can find at home. Organizing your home doesn’t need to be expensive because sometimes, you just have to do-it-yourself.

Here are some of the DIY room organization ideas any formed-buff should start doing now:

Re-use food jars and tin cans. One of the easiest storage ideas to make by yourself are these ready-to-use jars and tin cans. All you need to do is to wash them properly, make sure that there will be no left-over and let them dry completely. Once dry enough, you can now decorate it in any way you prefer then voila, instant canisters to hold your pens, brushes, accessories and more.

do it yourself room organization ideas

Back-door shelves. Are you looking for another storage for your room but your running out of space? The solution is your own DIY back-door shelves where you can put your books, magazines, hang your bags, etc. All you need are some wood scraps and a bit of carpentry skills that you can easily learn from YouTube.

Up cycle toilet paper rolls. Got problems with a tons of cords and wires messing around your room? Don’t bother buying those costly cord holders because with old your toilet paper rolls , you can instantly transform them into stylish cord holders. Clean the rolls, decorate it with tapes and paper wraps then you’re done.

Teacups and saucer. Your dressers and table tops usually look messy and untidy because of your jewelries and accessories lounging around not in their proper stacks. Hence if you have old teacups and saucers then you can transform them into vintage jewelry storage. Put your watches in the teacups and your rings and earrings on the saucer. In this way, you’ll have your tiny blings well-kept without sacrificing art and beauty.

Magnetic Rack. Most of the time , we spend our time looking for our little tools such as hairpins, nail cutters, tweezers and other more. The solution is to make your own magnetic rack with a magnetic pad and there, start stacking those tools up on it.

Chic Hanging Crates Storage boxes. Got extra crates from the neighborhood? Why not revamp them into something useful yet trendy way to store your stuff in your bedroom? All you need are dashes of paint, carpentry skills and your bedroom wall. Hang these old bins on your walls then paint them to coordinate with your room theme. Once dried, you can now have rustic open shelves where you can put your book collections, shoes, bags and many more.

These are just some of the room organization ideas that you can do on your own with almost no money to shed. Who says that you cannot DIY? Just unleash that creative side of you, get inspired and you can create something to make your bedroom stand out.

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