First Apartment Checklist

What’s the first thing you need for your new apartment? The First Apartment Checklist, of course! I’ve moved 25 times thanks to the military and have helped my two daughters set up their first apartments, so I created this free printable checklist so that you know the basic items to start off in your new place. There’s a lot to know when you get your first place, but you won’t have to worry about what you need to live in it comfortably.

When you think of your first apartment, you dream of a cool, hip place that is filled with items that express your style and is a place you’ll be happy to come home and invite friends to. You know, a cool, hip pad.

Whether you’re looking for a college apartment checklist or one for your first adult place, this first apartment checklist will get you started with the basic must-have items any new home needs. You can take the checklist with you when you go out shopping, when you place your online orders or when family or friends ask you for gift ideas. Whatever the situation, you’ll know exactly what you have and what you have left to purchase!

First Apartment Checklist

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As someone who has moved more than 20 times, I know how truly appreciated practical housewarming ideas and gifts are. It can be overwhelming moving into a new home and a practical gift that can make life easier is simply the best gift you can receive.

Not only have I moved 25 times all over the world into all sizes and kinds of homes (thanks to the military), but I’m a professional organizer andthat means I’m a problem solver. I look for items that really do make my life easier.

Let’s be honest, life is too busy for most of us, so a gift that makes life easier is invaluable. And those are also the best housewarming gifts you can give.

So, whether you’re looking for gifts for new homeowners or housewarming ideas for retirees, the practical housewarming ideas are always much appreciated.

How to Find a Practical Housewarming Gift

  • If you know the person, consider their personality and what they already have and don’t have.
  • If you’ve seen their new place, think about what is lacking and what would make day-to-day life in the new home better.
  • Think back to conversations and what the person has complained about the new home.
  • Consider what are basic, everyday tasks that could be made easier with just the right gadget or item.
  • Do your research and look for practical housewarming ideas that are suggested by trusted sources or professionals not just by brand advertising.

Practical Housewarming Ideas

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