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Creating a welcoming space takes a combination of style and tidiness. Being organized is important because clutter has a way of spoiling decor and making a room feel drab. But, contrary to what home stores say, you don’t need a lot of money to get your house in order.

You can add style to your home and keep it organized while saving yourself some hard earned cash. The most important thing to remember is not everything needs to be used for its intended purpose. These home organization hacks will help you think outside the box the next time you have a pile of household items to sort through.

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We gathered up 20+ of the BEST DIY Home Organizing Hacks and Tips for you today and you are going to love these ideas! Having 3 boys is hard to keep everything in order around our house so these awesome ideas are going to really help us keep things organized!

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Create order out of chaos with creative, low-cost—or, even better, no-cost!—DIY ideas.

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