Home Organization Tips

In a world so filled with confusion and clutter we all welcome the concept of being organized and reducing not only the clutter in our lives but the abundant stress that accompanies it as well. It is true that disorganization itself robs us of valuable time to accomplish our real goals in life. Being organized truly helps us all to live happier and more productive lives and certainly being organized and reducing clutter, especially in our homes where we spend the majority of our lives, is beneficial to all.

Home Organization Tips for Small Spaces

Home organization tips

Little spaces in our homes tend to be culprits for clutter since they offer a tiny little hideaway to just drop things or put things down just to be forgotten. The kitchen countertop, the kitchen table, and that beautiful fruit bowl you got for your wedding gift are three common small spaces in the home that are magnets for clutter. The incoming mail, the shopping receipts from the stores, magazines, and the ever popular stack of bills that have yet to be paid or have been paid, typically are dropped and left array on the counter top, the kitchen table, or many times just tossed without regard into the bowl that sets there.

Taking a few moments when you open the mail to weed out the trash and then properly file away other important papers received into nicely labeled folders that are filed away in a small filing cabinet, and placing magazines into the magazine rack, reduces the amount of clutter on the counter and surrounding areas and serves to keep your papers organized. It is much easier to take a quick moment in the first place to perform this simple act of organization rather than have to go back through the piles of paperwork at a later date in search of something that you need. Leaving excessive papers on the countertop, kitchen table, or in the bowl certainly adds unsightly clutter to these small areas of the home.

Home Organization Tips and Techniques

There are numerous ideas and techniques for becoming more organized in your home. For some of us with our hectic schedules the thought of another task overwhelms us. However, we have the all-important need to keep our lives and our homes organized and clutter free. Here are some very helpful tips on how you can organize your home and ultimately free up valuable time to simply just enjoy your family and life in general.

1. Once you are done using something, be certain to immediately put it away rather than just leave it out or hanging about since it takes less time to put something away properly the first time than to have to come back yet again and do it all over;

Home Organization Tips - Vacuum Cleaning

2. Assign a specific household chore to each day of the week (i.e. Monday – vacuum, Tuesday – dust, Wednesday – pay bills, etc.). By setting aside a single important household chore for each day of the week you accomplish the task quickly and leave the rest of the day or evening for other important things to do; and

3. If you have lots of extra things in the house that you do not use regularly, for instance extra blankets, seasonal clothes, or even toys, purchase some inexpensive deep plastic containers with covers and store your extra items away neatly, marking the cover with a black marker indicating what is in the container, and then neatly placing the organized containers under the bed, in a closet, or perhaps downstairs in a basement store room. This will eliminate excess clutter in the living area.

4. Besides all the material things we need organized in the home, there are other tasks that we need to be able to implement in order to be organized. One of the more important techniques for being organized administratively in our homes is to have a calendar where you log all appointments, school dates, vacations, and any other important dates your family has. By keeping a calendar of events you save time by checking the calendar each day and you eliminate the stress of either missing an appointment or simply not knowing it existed in the first place. Calendars are great stress relievers and an all-important organizational tool for any family.


Being organized in life absolutely takes some doing and dedication but the rewards in life from being organized are many. Whether it’s valuable time saved, your health improved by reducing stress, your sense of accomplishment as tasks are performed and challenges conquered, or simply the extra quality time you have with family, being clutter free and organized in our homes allows us all to get our lives back to basics and put our priorities where they truly should be – with our families.