How to Fold and Organize T-Shirts

How to Fold and Organize T-Shirts

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Originally published August 2012 and updated August 2020.

Wondering how to fold and organize t-shirts like a professional organizer? I’ve been using the KonMari folding technique since 2012 (before it was a big deal) and I can tell you that it really does work.

woman's hands folding yellow t-shirt neatly with title text underneath reading How to fold t-shirts

I do a lot of my organizing sitting in front of the TV with my family.  Not that we watch a lot of  TV.  Really.  But it’s an easy way to tackle a chore that needs to be done and still spend time with the family.  I call it “couch potato organizing.”

Does that sound easy or lazy?  Maybe it’s both.  Hmm, will have to think on that one.  It’s a great way to not feel guilty. 

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