How to Organize Your Beauty Products

Step 1: Take Stock Of Your Collection

Whether your cosmetics collection is large or small, keeping it organized and accessible can be a challenge. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of options for storing makeup either on your countertop or in a drawer. Even better? You can create a custom makeup storage solution based on your collection.

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With clear drawers, you always know where everything is.

Admit it: your makeup storage is kind of horrific. Use these easy tricks to help your lipsticks find a proper home at last.

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Beauty editors, influencers, and bloggers are fortunate enough to get their hands on tons of products. It sounds amazing, but it can be overwhelming to keep everything in order. Some, like myself, are still figuring out the best way to keep everything organized (a lot of my products, unfortunately, just sit in bags for weeks at a time). But there are others who are on top of it and have a proper place for every eyeshadow, lipstick, and hairbrush. SELF talked to 10 of the most organized beauty experts around to see exactly how they keep their stuff in order. Scroll through these pictures to see all the ways these ladies keep their makeup organized, including the must-have tools they use to keep their collection in order.

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