How to organize your room

Growing Pains: How to Organize Your Room!

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How to Organize Your Bedroom

“Clean your room mister!” We have all heard this coming from a nagging mom and strict parents ordering us to clean our room, regardless of being momma’s boy or the 40-year-old virgin. And we know how frustrating it can be. As frustrating as putting a 50000-piece jigsaw together. No matter what way you lbook at it, every angle is a Kodak picture of the debris left by a natural disaster. Blankets. Socks. Clothes. Smelly shoes. A bag of chips. Cookie crumbs. It’s all there. And you have no idea as to where to start. You consider just throwing everything under the bed, or stuffing everything in your closet but that’s only a temporary fix, and inspector mom and dad aren’t going to let that fly. So gear up.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Room
Start by putting on some jams, just like before an important competition; motivate yourself to get to work. Music will make you forget about the time you are investing in cleaning your room, making it a worthwhile experience. That way the past hour of your life can be devoted to listening to music and not just cleaning your room.
Now you’re at square one. Start by disposing garbage in plain sight, “dispose them all.” Old receipts, crumbled papers, study notes or plastic wraps. After this is done your room will be a step closer to spotless.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Room in a Cute and Effective Way
The next task is easy but displeasing. Put everything in its place. “But I don’t have a place for everything.” Well, it’s time to make one. Start with any dishes, glasses, or Tupperware lying around. Once that is out of the way, move on up to your work area. Start by sorting out your school or work supplies and dusting the desk and surrounding furniture. Then, organize your books, papers or files in an order that suits your immediate needs. Try stacking papers or books you need most frequently on top. The rest can be stacked on a shelf or case.

Step 3: Overcoming Major Problems when Cleaning Your Room

Now you can take another glance at your room and it will thank you for giving it room to breathe, but there will still be a major problem: clothing. For some odd reason, clothes seem to grow out limbs and wrestle with you; your clothing multiplies like a virus all over your room and you will perhaps discover pieces you have never worn, not once. So how does one beat this wrestling monster? Start by slamming them on the ground or the bed. Sort your clothes in terms of color, frequency or formal/informal attire. Hang your jeans and dress or work clothes last. Make sure you keep clothing used daily accessible, not hidden or stashed behind other clothes, this will only make larger messes when reaching for them. If necessary, create your own labels for your room so you ensure everything has its own place. Big enterprises do it, so do it for your own room. A room says a lot about someone, so make sure you can claim “I am business worthy” while listening to your favorite tune.

How to organize your room

Set your bed last, as you may use it as a resting spot along the arduous feat of cleaning your sleeping quarters. Take another look on how to organize your room, spray your favorite scent and call your parents. They may just congratulate you. Or throw garbage on your newly, immaculate room/self. But your room will be inspection-approved, at least until another couple of weeks.