How To Organize Your Shoes

white 8-pair shoe organizer from the container store

So, what’s the best way to store your shoes, boots, sneakers, heels, and sandals?

We asked Aron and three other professional organizers for tips. We also threw in some cleaning advice, since your kicks could probably use a good shine.

Follow these 15 simple and awesome tips for shoe storage nirvana:

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It’s time to figure out how to tame the shoe explosion that is happening in your closet right now.

Give these shoe storage hacks a try to organize your collection once.

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You may not have a fantasy walk-in at your disposal (yet!), but with some creativity on your side, a dream shoe closet is not far off.

How to organize your shoes comes down to thinking outside the box and utilizing unique spaces you may not have considered before. In fact, we found 13 wow-worthy ways to store and display your favorite footwear, no matter the size of your apartment or house.

From gallery-esque setups and repurposing furniture you already own to crafty shoe storage ideas, keep reading for all the awesome tricks.

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