How to Organize your Small Bedroom

Even the smallest of bedrooms can present us with issues of clutter and disorganization. Why? Simply because people have tendencies of either not assigning their personal belongings an appropriate home or just not putting things back into their proper places, and dropping clothing and other personal items everywhere. It truly only takes a single moment to put something back in its proper place when we are done using it or an article of clothing back into a drawer or closet, or even into the dirty clothes hamper. How many people find it so much easier to just walk into their bedroom, disrobe, and drop the clothes where they are standing or toss them onto a chair or bed? Sadly, the answer is many. This is more often than not the biggest culprit for a cluttered, unsightly small bedroom. Organizing a small bedroom is remarkably easy and involves only a handful of simple techniques. When space is limited, it is imperative that you utilize this limited space to its greatest capacity and alleviate the stress of abundant clutter and disarray.

Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Bedroom

The easiest of techniques begins by simply sifting through the items of disarray and putting everything away into their proper places ad any dirty laundry into the hamper. Then we want to sort through clothing and personal items, and neatly pack them away into cardboard storage boxes with covers. Mark the storage boxes with their contents, and then stack them neatly in a basement or storage area where they are completely out of the way.

how to organize a small bedroom

Focus next on the items you have accumulated on your dresser top and again put them away into appropriate places, weeding out anything that has no value (i.e. receipts, miscellaneous papers, and the likes). If you tend to accumulate change everywhere just get yourself a small bank or perhaps even a jar and put all your change into the bank or jar. Then let’s move on to your wee small closet and neatly organize its contents. Go through all the clothing in your closet and remove anything that you do not wear. If they are seasonal clothes, pack them neatly into one of those cardboard storage boxes and if they are clothing items that you will never wear anymore then put them into a plastic bag and bring them over to the GoodWill or similar organization. They will truly become someone else’s little treasures.

One final purchase needed for organizing your closet is a hanging plastic storage bag with compartments. Take all of your footwear, that I am certain is thrown all over the closet floor, arrange them into the separate compartments and hang the storage bag in the far end of the closet. You will now have open space on the floor of your closet for other use. If you have a small shelf on the top of the closet weed through the items located there, stacking anything you wish to keep accessible neatly and on top of one another which will provide use of additional space and give a neat and tidy look. Those items that you do not need in this small closet should be either packed away in another storage box and put away in the basement area where all the other boxes are, given away to the Good Will, or thrown out in the trash.

Once these tasks are completed, take a dust cloth and dust your furniture, run a vacuum on the carpeting, and spray some pleasant smelling air freshener into the room, and walla, you have yourself a neat, tidy, and uncluttered small bedroom with a bit more space and a definite attractive presence.

These are indeed the simplest of techniques that once implemented make the most drastic of a difference in your small bedroom and in your now stress free life. Clutter and disarray does have a tendency of creating discomfort and stress when we have to look at it and live in it every day. Your new bedroom is sure to bring you much comfort and a sense of peace as you move about your room easier and are able to find and retrieve the clothing and personal items you seek to use in the course of each new day.


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