Important Facts About Professional Certified Organizers

Most people in life pride themselves on personal organization and realize how significant being organized is in our everyday lives. As a result of this ever present need for organization in both personal lives and businesses as well, the Board of Certification of Professional Organizers (BCPO) created and offers a specialized professional organizer certification exam that individuals can take, and with successful completion, awards the participant with a Professional Organizer Certification. Individuals must meet a series of minimum standards and, in addition to taking and passing the examination, must present with a solid history of interactions with clients past, verifying that they possess knowledge, experience, skills, and background in this very specialized industry. In addition, prior to taking the actual exam, an applicant must be able to verify current and/or past employment serving in the capacity of a professional organizer. This additional verification offers proof that the applicant possesses all the necessary skills to teach or perform organizational skills to support the needs of interested clients, whether individuals or businesses. This certification program raises the high standards, practices, guidelines, and ethics of the industry and with certification in hand the successful CPO affords their clients both the recognition and assurance that they are overly committed about the work they perform and the services they provide.

professional organizer certification

Eligibility Requirements for Taking the CPO Examination

To obtain a professional organizer certification and take the certification exam an individual must meet the following criteria:

1. Must have at minimum, a high school diploma;

2. Must strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics as set forth for Certified Professional Organizers; and

3. Must have at least 1500 paid accumulated work experience hours within the last three years. Work experience can include coaching, training, consulting, on-site organizing, virtual organizing, which either teach, collaborate, or demonstrate actual organizing techniques and skills.

Reasons to Become a Certified Professional Organizer

Besides the self-satisfaction and the personal accomplishment that the completion of any certification program offers an individual, attaining a certification or license allows individuals to grow and expand their business, enhance their visibility in the industry while establishing credibility, and vividly separates their professional services provided from those being offered by uncertified competitors of the same services. In addition, once a certification is awarded, successful applicants are looked upon as ideal professionals who have invested time and money into furthering their education and as a result have a proven knowledge and proficiency of the industry. With each of these scenarios present, the dedicated CPO is sure to not only gain respect and recognition in the industry, but indeed will enjoy the financial success that accompanies such an accomplishment.

In a fast paced, hectic world filled with disorganization, clutter, and overall confusion, there is an abundant and consistent need for organizational techniques in both individual lives as well as in businesses worldwide. The Certified Professional Organizer plays a key role and is highly instrumental in redefining and organizing nonproductive persons or businesses. With the knowledge, expertise, skills, and overall know how, Certified Professional Organizers can change both the surface appearance of an individual or business as well as the efficiency and productivity levels of both through the introduction and implementation of industry standard organizational procedures and strategies.

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