Learn How To Become Organized

Everybody loves to be organized since organization makes our lives easier and allows us to use our time efficiently in a world that is fast paced and filled with endless tasks. If you are one of the many people who finds their lives filled with clutter and disorganization then here are some very useful tips on how to be a more organized person as well as tips for being organized in both the workplace and in school.

The Organized Person

Learn How To Become Organized

The person who is organized is more focused, more productive and has far less stress in their lives than the person who is unorganized. For the organized individual life is less complicated and tasks are accomplished easier. Organizational skills can be learned and once learned these very skills can be used to streamline our tasks and pave the way for a more productive, stress free life.

In order to learn how to become organized person you have to begin by organizing your thoughts and thereafter turn those organized thoughts into organized actions. The organized person has more control of their own lives when they live de-cluttered lives and have easy to follow routine schedules. When you either miss appointments, are late for meetings, or have to walk around and climb over clutter in your home or office, you are simply wasting time and adding stress into your life. One of the best organizational skills is the ability to create routine. Having a consistent daily routine saves time and effort, and affords you time needed to perform necessary tasks on time and without stress. In addition, implementing a calendar system in your life is an excellent organizational tool that serves to keep you on track and on time, and again reduces unnecessary stress in your life. Becoming an organized person means giving everything its own place so that when you are in need of something you know exactly where to look for it thereby saving time. When things are “in their place” and you can find them easily you are able to complete tasks quicker thus allowing for time to do those things you really want to do. Overall the organized person lives a much healthier and happier life and sets a tremendous impression for the people in their lives.

Being Organized at School and at Work

There are many things you can do to organize both your school and work life. For school one of the most important organizational tools is to keep all your books and school related materials in one easy access location, usually a backpack, to allow you to find whatever you need quickly, perform your school assignments, and have time left over for fun. In addition, you want to purchase and use binders, preferably those with zippers, that can safely keep all your papers and assignments. Choose binders that have multiple subsections so as to incorporate all your individual class work into one simple binder rather than a series of individual binders and be certain to go through your binder regularly and dispose of any papers that are no longer needed to avoid clutter in your binder. In addition, you should purchase and use a planner. A planner allows you to write down important things to be done such as homework, test dates, and school meetings. Be certain to check you binder every day before leaving school so that you do not forget materials you may need to take home. Planners actually save valuable time and help individuals to be on time.

In the workplace a few of the best organizational tips you want to incorporate are the use of labelled file folders for maintaining all important documents and the filing of these created folders alphabetically in a filing cabinet. In addition, you want to be certain that once a week you check and replenish your office supplies that you consistently use during your work week so that everything you need is readily available for use without having to go back and forth to the supply cabinet multiple times during the week. It is also imperative to maintain a calendar in the office of all appointments, meetings, and travel plans which allows you to streamline your work and your time efficiently and alleviate the stress of missed engagements and costly errors. A final simple office tip is to remove all clutter from your office space, desktop and credenza by putting all these materials back into their proper places so that you can 1) easily retrieve them again at a later date, 2) give your office a more professional look, and 3) allow you to be able to work on and complete your daily work related projects in a timely fashion. These simple tips will help utilize time wisely, increase production, and certainly reduce stress making you a very happy and efficient worker.