Life Hacks to Get You Organized


If you’re determined to be more organized this year, don’t make the all-too-common mistake of expecting it to happen all at once.

“People decide they are going to overhaul their lives in January and they are going to do it all at one time,” says Regina Leeds, who has written nine books on organization, including One Year to An Organized Life. “That is setting yourself up for failure.”

Instead, use the New Year as an opportunity to plan out and put in place a few key steps that will help you get organized over the course of the year, rather than getting there all at once. “The first thing to realize is that the whole of anything is overwhelming,” says Leeds. “You have to break any goal or new thing you want to learn into smaller increments.”

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Highly organized people enjoy something many of us endlessly strive for–success.

How do they do it?

There is one major difference that is apparent. Organized people are extremely attuned to their thoughts. What you do and the habits you have are directly proportionate to whom you believe you are.

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Organized people aren’t born; they’re built. Here are the habits that you can cultivate to be just like them.

We all know that one friend or coworker who is super-organized. The person who is punctual, finishes projects with time to spare, and always knows exactly where to find what they need when they need it.

Instead of hating that person, why not figure out how they do it?

“Organized people are not born; they’re built,” says John Trosko, founder of OrganizingLA, a Los Angeles-based organizing firm. “The people who emerge as ‘organized’ use a variety of tools and methods to accomplish their goals and priorities in life.”

Their systems become habits, says Trosko. Here are seven things organized people do on a regular basis to stay on top of it all:

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