Office Organization Ideas

In todays hectic, fast paced world we all have a need to be organized. Organization allows us to utilize our time efficiently and be able to be more productive on all levels specifically in the workplace. With organization playing a substantial role in streamlining work and our productivity level, it is imperative to practice good organizational skills in the office from day to day. There are many areas of focus in the office that require the use of groomed organizational skills in order to perform daily tasks and accomplish required work. From our desktops and our filing cabinets to our individual offices there are many ways to implement useful organizational techniques to improve work performance.

Office Organization Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Office Organization Ideas

The best starting point for work organization begins with your individual office. One of the best tips for being organized in the office is to reduce clutter. Keeping a tidy office by omitting excess files and materials on the floors, desks, and credenza tops alleviates clutter which is a sure sign of disorganization. It is best to properly put files back into the filing cabinets and any miscellaneous items back into their proper places once you have completed your review or use of them to keep an organized presence and make it easy to retrieve files and materials in the future. Proper filing saves time and stress and allows for greater productivity.

In addition, another helpful organizational tip is to keep adequate office supplies readily on hand such as files, folders, staples, tape, memo pads, computer accessories, and specialized document shipping materials. If you keep important items that are used daily on hand you again save time searching them out or having to retrieve them from other areas of the corporate office. Saving time is a critical factor of organization. Also neatly aligned office furniture and guest chairs with window blinds open and lighting and temperatures adjusted present a professional, organized look to your office.

A very helpful trick for being organized throughout the workday is to keep a very neat and clean desktop. If you are working on a specific project then align your desktop with the materials and documents that are related to your current project and remove and refile any documents that are unrelated. Having an organized desktop as you work allows for greater focus and concentration on the project at hand rather than having abundant documents and items scattered across the desktop that make it not only messy but also creates obstacles that interfere with your focus on the current project. An orderly desktop makes a bold statement to those around you that this person is remarkably organized.

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A final office organizational trick that is essential to efficient use of time and easy retrieval of documents and important papers is the creation of individual files. Though most of what we do today is foldered on our computers, there is still a substantial need for hard copy documents and files. An enormous time saver and organizational technique is to create individual files, labelled accordingly, and filing these new folders away alphabetically into an office filing cabinet. Creating folders and the use of filing cabinets, rather than just letting the documents pile up on your desktop or credenza, assures you that the file can be retrieved for review and use again without delay which will prove to be beneficial to future projects.

The key to successful organization in the office is the ability to save time, reduce clutter, implement techniques, and be both creative and practical in your approach. A neatly organized office and desk allows the mind to work at greater levels since the time, energy, and effort that comes into play when you are sifting through piles of paper and overall disorganization are completely removed. Being organized in your physical presence allows for increased levels of organization in our thought process and in our actual abilities to produce work and accomplish tasks.