Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

This week we’re going to jump to a room that can be completely organized in a few hours: the bathroom. This project will satisfy those who like to jump from room to room as well those who like to finish one room all at once.

You deserve the dreamy serenity of cleared countertops, neatly arranged drawers and streamlined bathroom storage

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Get It Done: Organize the Bathroom for Well-Earned Bliss via Houzz 

Use these seven tips for bathroom organization to make the most of your bathroom, regardless of its size.

Check this Quick Tips for Organizing Bathrooms via HGTV

Storage is always at a premium in a small space, but nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom. There are so many little odds and ends — makeup, razors, hairbrushes, toilet paper — that you just have to have, but where in the world do you put all that stuff?

If the clutter in your bathroom is getting a little out of control, it might be time to check out these 10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom via Apartment Therapy.



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