Organizing Small Bedroom – It’s All About the Right Size in the Right Place

Organizing your bedroom where most of your personal clutters are messing around is such a pain in the butt. What makes it even harder is when you have a very limited space in your bedroom. It’s true that with just a stack pile of papers or a new laptop table and you’ll feel like sardines trapped inside a tiny can. Some people thought that minimizing the furniture and stuff inside can help maximizing the space but it’s totally a wrong mindset. You can still own the things you want, the secret is proper organization and of course, size matters, a lot. So, here are some excellent ways on how to organize a small bedroom without pulling all things out.

how to organize a small bedroom

Own that perfect-sized bed. I truly understand that you want to cuddle up in a huge California King styled bed but the question is ”Do you really need it? “. If you can settle with a smaller one yet you can still make the best sleeps all the time then just go for it and see how much space you can freed up.

Maximize the use of your bedroom walls. If you lack space on the floor then why not try the walls? Instead of putting table tops for your photos and other configurations, opt for open shelves on the walls and you’ll have more space on the floor that you can use for more essential things you want to stuff inside your bedroom.

Invest in multifunctional furniture. Who said that you can’t own furniture if you have a tiny bedroom? Of course, you still can but the key is to look for those that serve more than one purpose. If you want a big bed then get one that has under drawers or built-in shelves at the headboard. It’s one but it serves like three furniture already. You were able to use that huge furniture you want without eating the entire space for everything.

Keep your closets organized. One trick to lessen the things scattered all-over the room is to keep them neatly inside your closet. Maximize the space you got there and utilize vertical space well. In this way, you don’t have to put things in the main room area and you’ll likely lessen the visible mess. If you can put a divider rack for your shoes inside the closet then better than having a show rack itself in the main room.

Get rid of things you don’t need. If you have a tiny space then you should know by now that you don’t have to keep all the things you own but not in use. If you have old bags, clothes and shoes that are stagnant then give them away. Throw useless old stuff too and don’t own two of the same things if you can settle with one.

How to organize a small bedroom effectively is all about proper coordination and proper size of the stuff you’ll put in it. Always put your focus in maximizing space and you’ll be good. Happy organizing!


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