Simple Habits to Keep You Organized and Clutter-free

What’s the secret to keeping a clean and clutter-free home? Well, the secret is there isn’t one! It’s being intentional every day. Cleaning up messes before they get out of hand, following through with routines, and putting a few simple systems into place will definitely help.

There are 9 things I do on a daily or weekly basis that help our family maintain a clean and clutter-free home. These are things that took effort in the beginning, but have since become habits that now are part of our regular routine. If you are struggling to maintain a clean and clutter-free home, I highly recommend starting with these 9 tasks.

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Practiced daily, these habits take only a few minutes to complete. But together, they leave your home in a perpetual state of clutterfree.

I discovered almost immediately that the less stuff you own, the more organized and clutterfree your home becomes. Go figure.

We would soon discover 21 benefits of owning less and decide that we’d never go back to our old lives of mindless consumption.

In addition to a significant purge that cleared the space for clutterfree living, we developed simple habits to keep our home clutterfree. They were not obtrusive or burdensome in anyway. Just the opposite, in fact. Practiced daily, they take only a few minutes to complete. But together, they leave our home in a perpetual state of clutterfree (or at least, close to it).

Here are the habits I most recommend: 7 Daily Habits for a Clutter-Free Home via Becoming Minimalist

13 Habits to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free

Decluttering is an important part of simplifying your kitchen, your home and your life. If you have too much stuff, it’s impossible to keep your home or your kitchen organized and clutter-free. But decluttering isn’t the end. Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, you also need habits, systems and routines to maintain your clutter-free space. Today I’m sharing 13 simple habits to keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free now and in the future.

Be sure to check out the previous posts in my kitchen decluttering series linked below. Find great info to help you get decluttering and create the clutter-free kitchen you’ll love!

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Incredibly Clever Laundry Room Organization Ideas

laundry room organization

It’s easy to let clothes pile up in the laundry room. But when you have a system in place, you’re less likely to allow clutter and chaos to build. Invest in some of these DIY and buyable solutions to get your laundry room in shape once and for all.

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Laundry room storage

Whether you live to do laundry or it’s your least favorite chore, we’ve all got to do it. These practical storage solutions and decorating tricks will make your laundry room the most serene and organized space in your home, even if you’re working with a small space. See, now laundry day’s not looking so bad after all.

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Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes. If you are lucky enough to have your own washer and dryer, they can be stored anywhere from a small closet to a whole room. No matter what size you have, there are lots of laundry room ideas to encourage you to make your even your laundry room a beautiful space. But no matter what color you paint it or what pattern of tile you choose, the laundry room will never be a pleasant space unless it is well organized. So once you’ve finished spring cleaning, take a break to scroll through these 15 ways to organize your laundry room and create a plan for how to tackle yours.

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Organising Hacks for an Always Tidy Home

home organization before and after

The only thing more satisfying than an ultra-tidy closet, pantry or laundry room is seeing what it looked like before it was super organized. And since ’tis the season for spring cleaning, organization transformations are also the perfect motivation to tidy up our own spaces. Read on for thirty dramatic before and after organization shots.

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10 Tidying Life Hacks From Marie Kondo

In her SXSW speech, international tidying expert and author of the best-selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Marie Kondo said, “My dream is to organize the world. I have seen many people’s lives change through tidying… My dream is for everyone in the world to experience this joy. It starts with you.”

By tidying, you understanding what objects bring you joy, you can generalize this information to other aspects of your life, like your job or relationship. It brings you closer to your ideal life.

Here are 10 essential tips from Marie Kondo herself:

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21 Ways to Keep a Clean House

Keeping our house clean does not equal one 4-hour cleaning session every week. That would mean that I let our house become a disaster and then spend hours every week trying to fix it.

Besides the fact that I don’t want to live in a disaster zone for 90% of the week, I also really don’t want to spend a giant chunk of time cleaning. I want to keep my house clean so that I can enjoy a relatively tidy home all week long and avoid having a “cleaning day”.

Keeping our house tidy really equals tons of tiny tasks that happen throughout every single day. Most of them are such ingrained habits that I don’t even think twice about them at this point.

If you want the benefit of a home that is always clean and tidy (I aim for being about 10-15 minutes away from being able to have company over at any time), try incorporating some of these tiny tasks into your day until they are habits you don’t even have to think about.

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Organize Your Files in Google Drive

How to Set up a Business and Blog Filing System Using Google Drive |

It’s no secret that being unorganized can easily and quickly eat up your time and energy.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent minutes looking for that one image you need or searching for that one file you have to send immediately.

Keep your hand raised if you’ve ever suddenly realized your desktop was completely full and you had the urge to organize everything… even if you had more important things to do.

If you’ve experienced any of this, then you know how important, convenient, and productive it is to set up a filing system for your business and blog.

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Is your Google Drive a mess? It doesn’t take much to clutter up a cloud account. Between opt-in freebie downloads and eBooks, plus all your personal files, it can easily look like someone took a file cabinet and dumped it upside down in there.

I’ve been there! I save almost everything in Google Drive because I like being able to access it from any device. But, before I knew it, I was scrolling endlessly looking for something I knew was in there.

I wasted so much time looking for things. Sometimes I never could find it, even though I clearly remember saving it there.

When I realized exactly how frustrated my digital files were making me, I knew I had a problem. It was time to better organize Google Drive.

Slowly but surely, I’ve sorted out my digital clutter. I like knowing exactly where to put things I save. Even better, I love being able to find what I need. The relief I feel when I look in there is fabulous.

If you’re ready to better organize your own Google Drive, here’s my best advice.

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Step-by-step tutorial on how to organize your business files using Google Drive.

As business owners, it can be very easy to let all of your digital and electronic files pile up. But by taking a few minutes to set up a filing structure that works for you, it will not only be easy to maintain, but you’ll know where to find everything the moment you need it. So let’s get started.

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How to Organize Old Computer Files and Folders

Sample electronic file structure

The average worker loses now over two hours looking for misplaced documents and emails on their computer and over 95% of the data receive is in electronic form. Creating a paperless office can be a difficult challenge when your electronic directory is not organized and you don’t trust your electronic filing system. Here is information on how to create an organized system of managing your electronic documents to improve data efficiency.

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Keep Your Computer Organized

We use computers often, and we most likely store many files on them, so it is important to keep everything organized. This article will go over all the ways to store and sort files to avoid potential issues.

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a project based file structure

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your computer is a mess. You’ve got files all over your desktop, a Downloads folder crammed with app installers from two years ago, and who knows where the file that Jason from Billings needed yesterday is. Let’s look at how to fix it.

Your first priority, then, is to implement a system you can actually stick to. I want you to go and look in your closet; if everything is neatly organized, great, you can start with the advanced stuff. On the other hand, if you can’t even keep your shirts and your socks separate, then you need to start with a really simple set up that you’ll be able to stick to. Remember, like with any goal—and we’ve got a full guide to goal setting you should check out—consistency is the most important thing. You can add more complexity later.

With that out of the way, are you ready to learn about organizing folders? Let’s get started.

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Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Paperwork

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in paper?

Maybe your wallet is overflowing with receipts. Maybe your desk drawers are crammed with wedding invitations and old Christmas cards. Or maybe you have piles of bank statements and bills shoved in the far corner of your kitchen counter.

Let’s face it: Paper clutter is one of the worst offenders. It accumulates quickly and can be totally overwhelming if you don’t deal with it on a daily basis.

But, thankfully, all it takes to banish paper clutter from your home are a few clever tricks and well-implemented organization systems.

Follow these 13 incredibly effective steps to organize, store, and get rid of your paper clutter for good.

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Stack of Files

One of the simplest and most overlooked aspects of being organized is getting your computer files organized. Every time you have to dig around for a document you can’t find or have to do unnecessary clicks to access a folder, you are not as productive as you could be. You are wasting precious time that you could use doing something that would help you move forward with your goals. Your time, once used, you can never take back and if you don’t do anything with your file organization methods, you will keep using up your time just digging. Your document list is just going to grow steadily so now is the time to do something about it.

Let’s look at some good practices for keeping your files and documents neat, in folders and easily searchable and accessible.

The idea of organizing files and documents goes back to the good-old-days of filing cabinets and paper.

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Coming up with a system of organization all the paper in your life takes thought and planning. And making use of it requires time and effort. In the short run, letting papers pile up is a lot easier. But in the long run, doing so can turn into a major headache.

Taking the time and effort to develop a systematic way of organizing your papers can result in a lot less stress and hassle in your life. Try the following as you create your filing system:




Linen Closet Organization Tips

Organized Linen Closet

Linen closets often attract much more than linens, turning into the catchall for anything bed and bath. If the mound of pillows, blankets, towels, sheets, table linens and toiletries makes you scared to even open the door, it may be time to conquer your fear and perform an organization overhaul.

“People hang on to their junk because [they think] ‘I might need that someday,'” says health psychologist Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, author of The Well-Ordered Home: Organizing Techniques for Inviting Serenity Into Your Life. “Stuff accumulates because we don’t have time to go through it.” But spending a little bit of time creating an orderly linen closet can actually save you time and stress in the long run.

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Put Spare Sheet Sets Inside the Pillow Case

Many homes only have one main linen cabinet or closet, making it the “junk drawer” for the entire house. Its utility goes beyond just storing bed and bath items to also housing wrapping paper, electronics, craft supplies, and more. Unfortunately, this makes the space overwhelming, and it quickly becomes hard to find what you need. “But spending a little bit of time creating an orderly linen closet can actually save you time and stress in the long run,” explains HGTV.

If your cabinet or closet has become unmanageable, it might be time to employ these storage and organizing hacks to remake this space into a user-friendly part of your home.

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Few things are more satisfying to look at than a well-organized linen closet, but creating your own at home can be a whole other story. On top of finding the room to store all of your towels, washcloths, pillowcases, and spare bed sheets, organizing a cramped and cluttered storage space is hardly ever an easy—or affordable—feat.

Luckily, with a little imagination—and a lot of help from Pinterest—you can turn any crowded closet into a streamlined space without breaking your bank account. From towel bars to file sorters, here are seven ways to turn your linen closet into a work of art—no professional organizer necessary.

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How To Organize Shoes and Boots


When it comes to shoe storage and organization, there are many options ranging from basic to complex. Shoes tie the outfit together, so keeping them in tip-top shape is important. We’ve come up with the five best ways to store your shoes for optimal organization.

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white 8-pair shoe organizer from the container store

Even if you’re practical, your shoe collection can easily get out of hand. Sure you have sneakers, but what can you wear to work? How about to a wedding? How about to the beach? How about to a wedding at the beach?

We tend to acquire a lot of shoes, and they can be a real pain to store. “They’re clunky, they’re harder to store, and there’s usually lots of them,” says Jeni Aron, an NYC professional organizer and the founder of Clutter Cowgirl. “Shoes can be trickier too because they’re almost a little more emotional. We can hang on to them even if they don’t fit.”

So, what’s the best way to store your shoes, boots, sneakers, heels, and sandals?

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Storing shoes in your closet can take up a lot of room, but these shoe organizer ideas will keep your closet organized while saving space.

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How to Decide What to Keep When Decluttering

This is your year to finally get—and stay—organized. Here, experts reveal their best tips, tricks and strategies for keeping a clutter-proof home.

In order to maintain a clutter-free home, you need to get to the root of why things pile up in the first place. The NEAT Method founders Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy believe that most people fall into the following clutter personalities:

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During the first week of the January Cure, one of the main tasks was to set up an Outbox to help clear out items that you no longer want or need. I’m a die-hard devotee of the Outbox, but it can still be somewhat difficult to figure out what items belong there. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck.

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Easy Declutter Challenge: 200 Things to throw away (plus free printable)

You are still you without all the stuff. You are not defined by all the things that you surround yourself with. I think that sometimes we forget that. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by ‘what others have’. Constantly comparing ourselves to everyone and succumbing to the urge to get more ‘stuff’ to feel better about ourselves.

Choosing to live with less is empowering. It frees you from needing things to make you happy.

Living with less isn’t about depriving yourself. It’s simply about having enough.

Enough to feel content. Enough to eat. Enough to bring you Peace at night. It’s about surrounding yourself only with the things you love, need or add meaning to your life. Everything else is simply clutter.



Best Organizing Hacks in 2019

Home organization tips for your New Years Resolution.

Is clutter exhausting you? This January series will address different DIY ideas to clean and declutter each room of your home.

Happy New Year! Want to guess what my New Years resolution is? ORGANIZING my home. That means organizing, decluttering, cleaning and rethinking how I want my home to look. I wrote this post back in 2017, but this year I’m ready to tackle it AGAIN after a big move! We moved from a home on a 10,000 sq ft. property to a home with 8.5 acres… but we lost about 800 sq ft in home size.

We LOVE our new home, but it’s more important than ever for us to tackle home organization this year.

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We’ve got tips and tricks from the experts.

By the end of the year, most of our closets are a wreck. New purchases are stacked atop old clothes, pieces that we’ve outgrown in size and taste, trendy items that aren’t so trendy anymore — the list goes on. It’s time to get organized. It’ll make deciding what to wear easier because you know that everything is something you like and that it fits. It will also allow you to take inventory of what you already own for smarter shopping decisions in the new year.

We spoke to four professional organizers to get their advice for a fresh start for you and your closet.


Ideas to Start 2019 in an Organized Way | Organized | Get Organized | Ideas to Get Organized | Tips and Tricks to Organize 2019 | Start 2019 in an Organized Way

Your best organizational ideas for 2019 are right here at 101 Days of Organization. If you’re ready to make organization a 2019 priority, these ideas will help you start 2019 in an organized way. Keep reading to how easy it is to start the New Year off right!

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