Simplest Desk Organization Tips for Work or School

Whether you are a business person or a student with a desk, the chances are you find yourself surrounded by clutter and disarray when attempting to sit at your desk and perform necessary work. It is ever so easy to just keep piling things on to our desks and shoving things into the desk drawers until there is so much disorganization that we find it difficult to be able to function. The level of our productivity is many times dependent upon our ability to work comfortably and to work in an organized fashion. Whether in school or in work, if your desk is completely disorganized and an utter mess it is truly impossible to be fully productive. Having to work around excessive items and piles of disarray causes us to lose valuable time and can definitely result in work performance of a lesser quality. For those people who are looking to be more productive and feel both comfortable and professional at their desks, then take a few moments to implement these desk organization tips at your work or school today.

desk organization tips

Simple but Useful Desk Organization Tips

Proper organization of your desk entails some very simple tasks. To begin with, all you want to have on your desktop is your computer equipment and necessary accessories, a pen cup holder, a stapler, and perhaps a desk lamp. Arrange your computer and accessories, specifically your keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and laptop (or monitor in the case of a desktop computer) neatly atop your desk. Allow sufficient space and alignment for these very important items. Set one designated area on the desktop for your stapler and pen cup holder and situate your desk lamp on one corner of the desk. There is absolutely no need for any other items on your desktop. Next, organize the contents of all your desk drawers, throwing out anything that has no value. Those items that remain should be stored away into individual drawers with all like items stored together and neatly arranged to utilize all the space to its best capacity.

It is typical and important that you utilize your center desk drawer for frequently used items such as pads, address books, calculators, paper clips, and scotch tape. Each of these items are consistently used and when organized can be accessible quickly when properly stored in the middle desk drawer.

Next, if you are using a desktop computer instead of a laptop, take a few moments to set up your hard drive and your modem on one of the lower level shelves of your desk with easy access to the CD driver on the hard drive and the reset button on the modem. By utilizing the lower level shelf, you can simply tuck away any wires or cables in the rear of the desk shelf to keep them out of sight. Excessive wires always look cluttered and messy and take away from a professional look. Be certain to situate your internet modem in a secluded area of one of the lower shelves to protect it from any potential disruptions and be certain you are able to access its features quickly, especially the reset button if needed. Always keep a trash pail under the desk to allow for disposal of any unnecessary papers rather than allowing them to lie around and accumulate on the desktop or in the drawers. When your desktop and drawers have been organized, add a comfortable leather desk chair to your ensemble and enjoy the comfort of working from an organized school or work desk.

These desk organization tips are not only practical, but indeed are simple and useful. By following these simple steps, you can pave the way to an organized and very professional looking school or work desk. An organized desk allows for more productivity since you do not have to waste valuable time weeding through abundant piles of papers and items on the desktop and losing quality time that is needed to actually perform your work. Once you have created your professional, uncluttered desk the task of keeping it organized will be easy if you train yourself to abide by these simple organizational rules every day. Remember, always put things back in their proper place when you are done using them to alleviate any clutter or build up, and to keep that professional look ever present at all times.

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