The Perfect Organizing Tools

With so much hustle and bustle in our everyday lives, not enough hours to accomplish all our tasks, and the daily challenge of trying to keep up with the fast-paced world we all live in, organizing tools have become a critical component of our daily lives. With dates, times, events, and the likes to keep track of as well as attend, many people, both working class and students, find it near to impossible to properly organize their schedules and actually stay atop their excessive responsibilities. With abundant work and school commitments, as well as endless family responsibilities and events, we are all in search of the perfect tool to assist us in these daily occurrences. Appointments are many, engagements are critical, and important tasks need all be performed in a timely fashion.
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The Best Organizing Tools

With computers, laptops, iPhones, and iPads ever present in most people’s lives, the use of the online calendar, notes, and tasks has become highly visible, and an application that we have all come to know and love. With the capability of tracking our appointments, meetings, class times, events, and social engagements, whether for work, school, or personal life, the online calendar is by far one of the most innovative organizing tools in the industry today.

Inputting your important dates and times on your specific device/devices is a sure fire way of staying on schedule without ever having to miss an important date. The online application is equipped with a notification alarm that you set for purposes of alerting you, in advance, of an upcoming event. The calendar application has specific settings you may choose which allow you to personalize your alarms and their very functions. The steps for utilizing the online calendar are simple and quite user friendly. The following steps will assist you in the proper setup of your ideal organizing tool – your calendar.

1. Select the calendar icon from your device;

2. Type in the name of the event and its location;

3. Select the start and end hour of the event;

4. Indicate AM or PM;

5. Choose an “in advance” alert for your alarm setting (i.e. if your appointment is at 2:00pm, you would want to have the calendar alarm alert you in advance of 2:00pm – perhaps just 15 minutes in advance of the engagement or 30 minutes if travel time is needed. You must select the advance notification setting that suits your personal preferences at this time and select the notification sound that you prefer from your device’s available sounds;

6. Once you have put all the pertinent information into the calendar, you simply click save and walla, your event has been calendared and tracking has begun.

For those people who are not computer savvy and have every bit of a need to track calendar events and special tasks, the good old-fashioned “planner” is the ideal organizing tool for you. A planner contains a single page for every day of the year, and allows its user to write in scheduled events for purposes of providing and tracking daily occurrences and assuring the user that important dates and times will not be missed. It is every bit as important to not leave home without your planner as it is to attend your specialized event. The planner, for many who do not utilize online calendars, is more often than not referred to as the daily organizational bible.

Regardless of the specific type of calendar you are accustomed to using, the overall concept of calendaring daily events is, by far, the most important organizational tool available when it comes to scheduled events, meetings, appointments, and so forth. The use of a calendar assures each and every one of us that those all-important dates and events will not be forgotten or missed. Certainly it makes our lives much easier when we are able to be in the right place, at the right time and, through the use of the influential calendar, whether online or a hard copy planner, serves to alleviate any stress or anxiety of missed scheduled events or class times; and that my friend, makes for a happier, healthier you!

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