Tips and Secrets on How to Get Organized at Home


Chaotic clutter and home

Sometimes the clutter of everyday living can truly weigh us down. We look around our homes and wonder “how did it get this messy and unorganized?” Disorganization and unsightly clutter can surely add stress into our already hectic lives and when this very disorganization is primarily present in our homes we can certainly become emotionally stressed out. Alleviating these emotions comes down to simply learning how to get organized at home. With the economy the way it is now and most people finding it difficult to make ends meet, hiring support staff to assist us with our home cleaning and organization is typically not an option. Quite honestly it need not be once you have learned the simplest and most useful techniques that teach you how to get organized at home.

Simple, Useful Tips for Getting Organized

How to Get Organized at Home

The key to organization anywhere, and most assuredly in our homes, comes down to the ability to remove excess clutter throughout all the rooms of the house. Clutter is a sure sign of disorganization and not only does it take up valuable space but it also causes stress and loss of valuable time that can be applied in other more important areas of our home lives. Here are a few helpful steps to alleviate clutter in your home giving it a more organized, comfortable, and appealing look.

1. Walk through all the rooms in your home and take note of the excessive items that are lying about here and there; on table tops, countertops, on the living room sofas, on top of the beds and dressers, all over the bedroom floors, and perhaps over stuffed into drawers and closets. Many times we use and item and rather than put it back into its proper place we just lay it down atop the closest piece of furniture and leave it there. One of the most important organizational techniques is to merely put thing immediately back into their proper places when you are done with them which ultimately avoids that messy, cluttered look and saves valuable time since you will not have to spend time searching for the item the next time you need it since it is in its proper place. Do a simple walk through all rooms and start by picking up all these random items and putting them all away properly.

2. Next you want to survey the rooms and see what items you have out that are not typically part of your daily use. For instance, extra blankets and pillows, seasonal clothing that will not be used for another year, maybe even toys and tools. Go over to the local department store and buy a batch of practical storage boxes, in varied sizes, to store away these unnecessary items. Fold the items neatly, put them into the under the bed storage boxes, mark the boxes accordingly with their contents, and slip them neatly under the bed so they are out of sight but can be easily accessed when and if needed. Take toys and tools and store them away into larger inexpensive cardboard storage boxes, again mark them accordingly and then perhaps stack them neatly in a basement area where they are completely out of sight but still organized. Alas, the clutter is beginning to disappear.

3. In the bedroom there is a tendency to accumulate excess jewelry all over the dresser tops, and shoes galore all over the closet floors. Simply purchase a couple of very economical plastic hanging storage bags with compartments and neatly assemble your abundant jewelry into a smaller hanging bag and hang it in your closet for easy access and visibility. Then, utilizing the larger plastic hanging bag, tuck away all your shoes into the handy compartments and hang the bag in the far end of your closet which will remove all the clutter and mess from the closet floors and make it much easier for you to access and choose the shoes you want to wear.

4. Miscellaneous papers, documents, and reading materials seem to find themselves abandoned on counter tops. Purchasing a small magazine rack, a small filing cabinet, and some file folders will serve to get your papers organized quickly and get rid of all that unsightly clutter. Place all the magazines into the small magazine rack by the sofa, separate all the paperwork that has accumulated and place the papers into labeled folders and then file these folders away alphabetically into a small filing cabinet. This helps you to retrieve the documents quickly when needed and certainly saves you mountains of time from having to sift through the piles of papers that have found their way to your counter tops.

These are just a few helpful tips on how to get organized at home and are sure to help you see a drastic difference in the overall comfort and appearance of your home. There are certainly abundant other ideas and techniques for organizing but these are by far the first most important steps that will be immediately noticeable and will present you with a much organized uncluttered home and a happier you!


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