Tips on Packing Your Suitcase Way More Efficiently

Look up “the best way to pack a suitcase,” and you’ll get at least half a dozen different answers. Some say you should roll your clothes, others recommend folding them, origami-like, into a bundle, while others swear by tools like packing cubes or compression bags. A recent trip gave me the opportunity to test out various packing strategies and determine the most efficient way to pack your clothes.

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Tumi suitcase

When traveling it’s important to pack efficiently, organized and smart.

Experts reveal their trusted, time-honored solutions.

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We all roll and fold clothes on a daily basis, but are any of us actually doing it properly? Watch the video, above, to find out if you’ve been folding your clothes the wrong way for years (and how to do it correctly).

Watch here: VIDEO: How to Roll and Fold Your Clothes When Packing via Travel and Leisure


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