Tips to Give your Home Office a Professional Look

Does your home office look like a cyclone passed through it with all the clutter and abundant disorganization? If you answered yes to this question then it’s time you take matters into your own hands, get focused and determined, and set out on a organizing path that will only result in an accomplishment you can be proud of with the use of these office organization tips.

Office Organization Tips for Your Home Office

home office organization tips

Like so many other people, you probably can’t even see your desktop in your office, have piles of papers, books, and folders all over the floor, and have books stacked in disarray on the bookshelf and some even falling off the edges. This seems to be the typical look of so many home offices these days mostly because there are not enough hours in a day and because people in a hurry tend to be messy and unorganized. Well let’s take some time to change all that with these office organization tips.

Start by sifting through all the abundant piles on top of your desk separating items from papers, and papers by document type. Then gather yourself a handful of folders and take the separated documents of the same type and put them into a folder marked accordingly. Follow this procedure with all your individual separated piles of documents. Utilize one of the desk drawers as a file cabinet and neatly file these newly created folders alphabetically into that desk drawer. (Be certain to go through all the desk drawers and tidy up the contents, throwing out anything that serves no purpose). If you find you need the desk drawers for other items then purchase a small credenza to put into your office to house these new file folders and serve as a proper home for your printer and scanner. The miscellaneous items that you piled up on the desk need now to be put into appropriate places depending upon the items themselves. Staplers and scotch tape dispensers, pen cup holders, and computer accessories can remain on the desktop for ease of use and easy access with all other miscellaneous items being either thrown away, or stored away into the desk drawers or the office closet.

Dust off the top of your desk and arrange your computer accessories, keyboard, laptop or monitor, mouse, and mouse pad neatly atop the desk. Then situate your other desktop items in an orderly manner giving a very organized professional look to your now uncluttered desktop.

Next, going from one floor pile to the next, weed out the trash, separate the folders, papers, documents, books that are to be kept and once all are separated begin putting them back into their proper places and throwing out anything that you do not need. Utilize your newly cleaned out desk drawers, credenza, and the office closet for proper storage of all the separated floor items. Books, of course, will be put onto the bookshelf. To organize your book shelf start by standing all the books on the shelf according to their sizes which presents with a much more organized look. Put all the larger books first and work your way down to the smaller sized books. If you have pictures or personal items atop the bookshelf, dust the bookshelf and these items, and arrange them neatly atop the bookshelf. If there are too many pictures or personal items then select those you wish to display on the bookshelf and arrange the others atop the credenza.

Finally, move onto the office closet and its shelves. Follow the same practical procedure of weeding through all the items and discarding those you do not need and neatly arranging all others in stacks on the shelves. Be certain to stack all similar items together, such as office supplies. If you have taller items that you need to keep in the office closet be certain to assemble them on the floor of the closet and utilize all the other shelves for your smaller office items such as paper, pads, computer supplies, and inks.

A final small personal, yet professional, touch to the home office is to select some attractive and/or meaningful pictures or plaques and hang them on the walls. These pictures, and especially any plaques you have earned, will give your home office such an all-important professional look.

It’s true that there is just not enough hours in a day and the average person is always hurrying through their day. People are sometimes too hurried and find it easier to lay things anywhere rather than take the time to put them away. Sadly, however, when this becomes the normal daily routine, the clutter and disorganization begin to take over the entire office area. Though people are typically rushed, take that one split second to put a book back on the shelf, a paper back in the drawer, a file in the credenza, another item in the closet and you will come to appreciate the enjoyment of a clutter free, professional looking home office that will now bring you much happiness and comfort.

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