Useful Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom

We start our day in the bedroom where we wake up and we end our day in the bedroom when we retire to sleep, so wouldn’t you agree that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Everybody has tendencies of not putting things away in their proper places after we are done using them, and many times don’t even take the time to designate a home for many of our personal belongings. These very actions can only result in clutter and disorganization in our bedrooms; a feeling and presence that is just not comfortable or even healthy for us. When things are cluttered and in disarray, people tend to get tressed out over the unsightly mess. Taking some precious time to learn how to organize your bedroom will alleviate stress in your life, present you with more comfortable and pleasant surroundings, and help to live a healthier, happier life.

Tips on How to Organize your Bedroom

One of the biggest culprits that contribute to clutter and disorganization in the bedroom is the abundant clothes that are thrown and mislaid all over the room. Whether on the floor, tossed on the chair or bed, lying on the dresser top, or shoved into a closet or drawer out of sight, tossed items that are all in disarray and are not assigned a specific home or put properly back into their place truly look and are flat out messy.

How to Organize your Bedroom

To begin with, sort through all the clothes in your closets and dresser drawers and separate your seasonal clothes that you will not be wearing until next year. Purchase some very inexpensive cardboard boxes with covers. Fold all the seasonal clothes and store them into a couple of these boxes, label the boxes accordingly with their contents, and then neatly slide them underneath the bed where they are out of sight yet easily accessible when the next season is upon us. This simple procedure will make for more uncluttered space in your dresser drawers and your closets.

Next go through and fold all the clothes in your drawers making more room and giving an overall look or organization and neatness. You will see, once you have folded all the clothes, that you definitely have more space. Then take a few moments to align the clothes in your closet neatly on their hangers giving them more space. If you are like most other people, you probably have abundant pairs of shoes and boots thrown everywhere on the closet floor. Purchase a hanging plastic storage bag with compartments at the local department store than you will utilize as part of your organizational efforts. These hanging bags have compartments that will allow you to take all your footwear and align them into their own separate compartments in the bag making your closet so much neater and making it so much easier for you to retrieve the footwear you wish to wear without having to rummage through the mass piles on the floor. Once the storage bag is filled, hang the plastic storage bag on the far end of the closet for easy retrieval and out of the way of all your other hanging clothes.

Next, remove all the scattered items on your dresser top. Most of the time these articles are jewelry or paper items. If your jewelry box is too full, purchase a small hanging plastic storage bag, much like the one you purchased for your shoes. Take all of your excess jewelry and arrange it neatly into the separate compartments of the storage bag and hang the storage bag in the center of the bar in your closet amidst all your clothes for easy retrieval and keeping it in sight. By keeping it in sight, you will be tempted to wear the appropriate accessories with your outfits when you dress. Then take all the paper items, weed through them to determine what you need to keep and throw out that which is not necessary. For the items you must keep simply put them into a manila folder, mark the folder with its contents, and tuck it away neatly into your top dresser drawer where it is out of sight but still easily accessible.

Once you perform each of these simple organizing tips, you may find it fun and interesting to rearrange your bedroom furniture since you will now have a clear view of all the furniture and the size of the room. Rearranging your furniture at this point will allow you to utilize your room space better and give you a fresh new look to your room and to your inner self.

Finally, spray an air freshener with your favourite scent into the room and then step back and look at your incredible accomplishment; an uncluttered, fully organized, very attractive, and sweet swelling bedroom to start your every day and end your every evening.

What a magnificent feeling it is, and how much happier and healthier we feel without the unnecessary stress of an unattractive cluttered room. After following all these useful tips you will find that with your newly arranged bedroom you can now enjoy complete comfort and happiness in the private of your own “new” bedroom!

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